Just wanted to say a special thank you for all of your hard work on the website. We had a lot of content to organise and many stakeholders to consider, you have done a great job of designing something that balances all the elements. It is looking and feeling truly engaging, bright, cheery, and most of all easy to navigate. I feel very proud of our website, so thanks so very much!

Kit McMahon

Wildeye has been partnering with WHISE for more than 10 years, starting off with a commission to design a new logo and visual identity as well as WHISE’s first website design.

Wildeye has worked closely with WHISE through the years as the organisation evolved. The current website is the 3rd incarnation for WHISE!
As each website is developed and launched, it adapts to new technology. We always focus on the audience, giving women easy access to information and a growing variety of resources.

With the latest website development, Wildeye designed a mandala for WHISE as part of their branding and visual identity.

WHISE is the leading primary prevention agency for the health and wellbeing of women in the Southern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne.

WHISE provide services based on a strong body of evidence on primary prevention and gender equity. They work collaboratively with organisations and community to improve the health and wellbeing of all women in the region.

The WHISE mandala

“When creating work for a client you have to put yourself in their shoes, and you have to care about their intentions and what they want to achieve, like it’s your own.

Creating art for business is important, as often business can be very generic. It can be one dimensional and linear… often business is just about moving from one goal to another.

An artistic approach adds humanity, emotion and connection, and it encourages interaction.

As I was working on the new WHISE design and creating forms and lines to use, I thought all these different forms, lines and colours are all made up of the individual pieces, that make up the whole, and it goes on and gets bigger and bigger.

And that reminded me that we are all individuals, we’re all individual forms, and it takes all the individual forms together to do a little, a little change, but a consistent change, to create something that is bigger, that grows, that is passed down from generation to generation, that just gets stronger and stronger as it goes out.

The mandala made me think of all the unique bodies of every person and how we need every individual, diverse people, all coming together, doing their little thing, which makes the big thing in the end.

We are like the mandala, we are those forms, we are those people.

If you look at the actual detail, it starts with a little form, almost like a seed, and then it grows out… and that is what WHISE does, it just encapsulates it really beautifully, so it made sense to actually put people in the mandala.

But it’s not just a random thing, it is very informed by the years of working with WHISE and seeing how WHISE has changed, blossomed and evolved from what it was.

It’s almost like its full circle, and the circle isn’t finished yet, it’s still growing. It really tells the story of WHISE.”