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Using email for business is essential and efficient. Unfortunately, I still see too many businesses using their “” emails for business or even [cutename@gmail on behalf of]. This can quickly lead to customers doubting how established your business really is.

Fortunately, to get "" working is much easier than operating most cash registers. You just need a few minutes to set it up. Once running, you watch your correspondence market your brand for you.

There are basically two avenues, using your own hosting (or mail server) or online services like 'Google Apps for Work'.

Either one’s cost is negligible considering the value and convenience they add to your business and both offer essentially the same features. How do you decide? Well, start by facing the elephant in the room.

How much do you care for sensitive information and privacy in your business? It’s no longer a case of cute cat videos, but sensitive information and data. And with information security, the fewer hands are in the pie the better.

Google has a suite of applications available to users, but it is part of the terms of service that they will ‘read’ your email. At the moment they admit it’s mostly for the purpose of ad targeting, but nonetheless it’s their prerogative what to do with that data. Some users feel that a global company may have better values and trust them with their data.

Alternatively, you have your local Yarra Valley hosting company. Same functionality, bar hundreds of staff with access to your data. Up side here is that they can be contacted when you need to speak to someone in person.

To get started you need a domain. We can help with that as well.

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